Flag of Freedom – American Flag Long Sleeve Shirt

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From the beginning, the American Flag has served as a symbol of our nations core values and freedom. And under its protection, Americans have fought and died for those values and to protect our freedom and secure the rights of every citizen, according to the US Constitution. The mere fact that our great country has endured to this day is clearly a testimony to the conviction, strength and resilience of our American spirit. For Americans around the world, the American flag serves as a reminder of the freedom enjoyed each and every day. To US veterans and military members, it is the symbol of mutual love and respect for our country and its citizens and the motivation to defend our country from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. It also serves as a reminder of those brothers and sisters in arms, who bravely sacrificed themselves so that Americans can live a life of freedom, security and peace today.

For those citizens of the world, who are oppressed and living in a perpetual state of poverty due to their corrupt, greedy leaders, the American flag is a beacon of the freedom and accomplishment of the human spirit, when it is truly set free and unrestricted. It is this beacon that causes many immigrants to make the treacherous journey to come to our shores and leave their homelands. If not for the courage, perseverance, belief in freedom and strong resilient spirit of my great grandparents, I would not have been able to call America home today. I am forever grateful for their sacrifices and resilience, which they instilled in the generations who followed.

So join us in showing your support for our nations values, freedom and the rights granted to each and every citizen of the greatest country the world has ever seen. Let it be a testament to the strength of the American people and lastly, let this flag be a beacon of hope to those who are not yet truly free.

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Product Overview: All designs are printed on a long sleeve shirt of the color and size chosen.

Each design is digitally printed onto the chosen long sleeve shirt using a process that ensures quality and durability in the final print.

When the two come together, you are left with a shirt that is highly durable and will also last a very long time without showing any wear and tear. Feel free to mix and match all of the options.

Apparel Material Composition:

Men & Women’s Unisex Long Sleeve Shirt: 100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton and has double-needle stitched seams for added durability and sturdiness.

To maximize durability and longevity, we recommend washing all apparel items from our store using the instruction card provided.

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