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Our Inspiration…

Our brave “Men and Women in Blue” serve and protect our local communities by enforcing the law and keeping the peace. Often, they stand in harm’s way to bravely and courageously, protect people they do not know. And, their families sacrifice along with them. Regardless of the circumstances, Police Officers around our country proudly salute the American flag and daily demonstrate their strong commitment to maintain law and order in America.

United in their commitment to serve and protect, Police Officers belong to a brotherhood. When an officer is going through a tough time or, God forbid, an officer is killed in the line of duty, fellow Police Officers are there to help. They stand united to protect their communities, respect each other and honor their fallen. Thus, our design not only shows that they have our backs. It also shows that they stand to uphold the American way of life, as shown in the salute to the American flag. The Thin Blue Line shown in this American Flag represents a memorial or connection between the present serving police officers and those killed in the line of duty. By having a Police Officer salute the American flag with the Thin Blue Line, we, too, are showing our respect for their commitment and mutual sacrifice in maintaining law and order in America, while also honoring the brotherhood of Police Officers throughout our country.

So, join us in showing our respect for all Police Officers, who serve and protect the communities and their citizens throughout our country. Let’s also honor the memory of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for America.

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