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Our Inspiration…

The Army design is the third entry to our “Remember The Brave” Collection. When thinking of the U.S. Army, we reflect upon the sound of many boots on the ground and the vision of multiple squads of Army Men and Women marching into battle ready for anything. These brave men and women are strong, resilient and prepared. Therefore, we chose to represent this force with a silhouette of multiple troops against the backdrop of the American Flag – the Flag they have sworn to honor and protect.

In addition, the sheer power, strength and might of the United States Army is clearly expressed in their slogan – “There’s Strong And Then There’s Army Strong”. To mirror this important motto, we chose to alter the phrase in our design to say, “Remember The Strong”. Our design is a testimony to the sheer strength and power of this branch of service.

Join me in showing your respect for all Army men and women who serve our country. Let’s also honor the memory of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for America.

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