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Our Inspiration…

As years pass and time marches on, we often forget the events of the past. We are all so preoccupied with everyday events that we often do not give the passage of time much thought. However, there are some extraordinary, tragic events that must never be forgotten so we can have future generations learn from the past mistakes and never repeat them.

The terrorist attacks upon the World Trade Center Towers, The Pentagon and The Crash of Flight 93, all transpired on September 11th, 2001. They are past tragic events that must be remembered and never be forgotten. The events on 9/11 must be remembered so we always honor and preserve the memory of those lost and whose lives were cut short. We need to remember all the first responders who gave their lives that day to save those in danger. And we also need to remember all who survived that day and are presently suffering from various health issues that are a direct result of their time spent nearby or were searching and recovering the remains of those lost while also clearing ground zero. We need to remember 9/11 for each of these reasons and countless more!

And, that is why we, at Fall3nWarrior, were inspired to create our 9/11 design, which memorializes this tragic event in our American History.  By overlaying the memory of the once stately Twin Towers with the prominence of the present-day, Freedom Tower, our memorial design merges the past with the present. We want all who gaze upon this design to stop and remember that day and all that was lost, as well as, acknowledge the continued strength it takes for all who are impacted to move forward, daily.  Together, let us never forget 9/11, always remember all that was sacrificed that day and keep the memory of those lost, alive, always.

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