Celebrate the 4th by Reflecting on the American Warrior Spirit and its History!

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Celebrate the 4th by Reflecting on the American Warrior Spirit and its History!

Celebrate the 4th by Reflecting on the American Warrior Spirit and its History!

Today, we, at Fall3nWarrior, celebrate the strong, resilient American Warrior Spirit that exists within each and every American. Together, we celebrate the American Warrior Spirit that is battle-tested and hard won because we continue to value Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, as well as “The Golden Rule”. We are relentless in our pursuit to treat others, as we do ourselves, with compassion, kindness, dignity, respect and humanity. We American Warriors have always been the kind of people who say what we mean and mean what we say. And we definitely take action when action is needed, listen to understand and talk when only talking is required to resolve an issue. We also stand strong and beside the allies that share our values.

American Warriors are a people of action. Whenever something or someone stands in conflict with our values, we deal with it in the best way possible. When the American people don’t like what is going on in our own government, we change the government and the people running it. The American Civil War, The Women’s Rights Movement, The Civil Rights Movement and the impeachment and resignation of corrupt politicians come to mind when we think of all the times we had to fix problems within our own government. Throughout history, we stood for our values and protected innocent people around the world from their oppressors and psychopathic leaders. In some cases, when we did not like who was running a foreign government, we figured out how to change that foreign government either through diplomacy or military might, when it was necessary. We helped defeat Wilhelm II, Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini in the first and second World Wars. We also negotiated on behalf of innocent people living under oppressive regimes, like Fidel Castro’s Cuba, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un of North Korea, Bashir Al Assad of Syria and others. Plus, we have helped to bring war criminals to justice. Lastly, no matter what we did, we were always able to overcome any hardships that hit us at home, while we did what was right overseas. We banded together and helped our fellow citizens get through tough times. We think of the Great Depression, WW1, WW2 and the lack of supplies at home and fighting the spread of communism in the Cold War, Korean and Vietnam Wars. America has been able to overcome every obstacle in its path and has done a lot of great things in history. All of which every American should be proud of!

So, on this 4th Of July, Fellow American Warriors lets be inspired and get motivated by the values we stand for and choose to protect, as well as, come together and move forward together with the Warrior Spirit we all possess! After all, the American Spirit and its values have often served as a beacon of light. And, the contagious American Spirit will continue to inspire people around the world to uncover their Warrior Spirit to make the dangerous journey to come here and be a part of our nation.

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