Fall3nWarrior Yearly Review – 2017

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Fall3nWarrior Yearly Review – 2017

Fall3nWarrior Yearly Review – 2017

2017 was a hectic year for Fall3nWarrior. Since we are always learning and seeking better ways to serve our clients, veterans, first responders and their families, we refined our website, designs, products and business practices to offer a quick and easy shopping experience for our customers. Also, we focused on ensuring that every customer received nothing but the highest quality products in every order.

Website Changes

When we launched in December of 2016, our original website looked just like every other e-commerce, clothing store, until we decided to center the shopping experience upon our unique designs. With that decision, we moved away from showing a mockup for every possible product. Our present website allows our customers to choose their preferred design, decide how they would like to display it and have the end product delivered in the color they prefer. We feel this change creates a superior shopping experience for each of our customers as well as showcases our designs and mission in a much more impactful way. We hope you agree!

New Designs

This year, we added a total of eleven new graphic designs. As you may know, our first collection was the “Remember the Brave Memorial Collection.” It was followed by a new collection entitled the “Proud to Serve Collection” which features the same graphic design images of the previous collection. However, the text, “Remember The Brave” was removed and replaced with the option to display either the graphic design image alone or to add a personalized phrase below it. We wanted to offer our customers more flexibility. And to that end, we introduced five more designs as a part of the Freedom Flags, Service Dogs, and Stay Frosty Collections. We are excited to say each of our unique design images is available on many different products.

New Products

We learned this year that some customers might not be in the market for a T-shirt or hoodie and yet would like to contribute to veterans, first responders and their families. So, we decided to add some other products for those who wanted to join us in our mission but wanted to do so by displaying our designs differently. That is why, later in the year, we introduced Mugs to our store. We recognized that most Americans enjoy their coffee, tea and hot chocolate, so we thought that by placing each of our unique designs on a Mug; it would be a great way to display our designs on something that people use every day. We are looking forward to adding more products in 2018 in addition to the T-shirts, hoodies and mugs we offer now. We want to provide ways to have more and more people join us in our mission and express themselves in their unique way. Suggestions are always welcome.

Business Practices

We were very excited to introduce our Choose-A-Charity program and the Fall3nWarrior Affiliate Program toward the close of 2017.

Choose-A-Charity Program

We created the Choose-A-Charity program to streamline the donation process. Although our corporate office is in New York, we did not want to restrict the preferences of our customers, who may live in other parts of the country. By creating the Choose-A-Charity program, our customers can choose to donate, if they would like a different charity, for each order they place. As a result, our donation process becomes more streamlined and we can add an unlimited number of charities so that every single customer will likely find a military, veteran, first responder and their families cause that they support. Giving to charities aligned with our mission, who also deliver a high percentage of the dollars collected to the audience they serve, is very important to us and we value our customer’s partnership in getting this accomplished.

Fall3nWarrior Donation Summary for 2017:

With the modest start of our Choose-A-Charity Program, we are proud to say we donated in 2017:

  • 9/11 Memorial & Museum = $500.00
  • Mission K9 Rescue = $22.00
  • Total = $522.00 to charities that support our mission.

Affiliate Program

We are excited to be launching the Fall3nWarrior Affiliate Program, which was established to spread the word of our mission, increase donations and deliver more and more designs for our fellow warriors to proudly wear and enjoy. We welcome members to join our affiliate community who are interested in taking their passionate support of our military, veterans, first responders and their families. The donations created while earning a second income by promoting our mission and products to your family, friends, social media followers, etc. would make a difference to everyone participating in making Fall3nWarrior’s mission a reality. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more and how to apply, if our Affiliate Program speaks to you and you would like to partner with us.

Looking forward to 2018

We pledge to continue to provide our customers with the best shopping experience, new designs and products and the best customer service experience possible. We will constantly be looking to improve our company and stay on track to fulfill our mission through the donations we make. Lastly, with your support, we look forward to at least doubling our donations for 2018. Together, we can show our support for those who put their lives on the line to serve the greater good. So, join us in our mission and let’s have a great 2018, together!

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